Alive on Canvas® – Gina Klawitter

When I first saw Gina’s art in person I knew that it was something I had to have to help us keep our princess’s memory alive! Being able to use things that are precious memories of our daughter and put them together in a way that we can reflect on everyday is AMAZING! Gina allowed me to be apart of the creation which made it feel so much more personal. This precious memory will be a constant reminder of who our princess was when she was with us. We are filled with wonder of who she will become now that she will spend eternity with Our Heavenly Father. Our daughter lives on …Thank you, Gina, for your time and gifted talent. Your art is a priceless treasure. May God Bless you as you help others to get through their grief of losing a loved one. ~Jeannie Thomas

Angela Canada Hopkins

Christy Black says, “beautiful… it’s like how I feel about cancer…it has it’s own life and it invades mine, together the cancer tries to take over and become bossy, but God surrounds it all and sees it all and can make something ugly and sad and brings hope and eternal life! thank you.

Living Works Studio – Teresa Dunwell

This piece of art is so much more than “art” itself.  This for me is a “peace that passes all understanding” in “Art form.”  None of us understand why our loved one had to leave us so soon.  Having part of Shannon, my daughter, in this painting is so special and very personal. In the daylight you can see birds flying and children holding up a spiritual being, the colors are so joyful and peaceful.  There are so many figures in this memorial.  Each time you enjoy the painting you can find more.  At night the yellow in this painting becomes a white glow and you can see many angels and spirits, young and old dancing.  You can also see fairies with swords raised like they are protecting her. Shannon was taken from us fourteen years ago.  Although nothing will ever erase the burn in my heart, I enjoy feeling that part of Shannon’s new life is expressed and celebrated in this painting.

Morning Hawk Creations – Alicia McNally

Absolutely beautifu! Thank you from the bottom of my heart – I LOVE IT!!! It arrived beautifully. I am so glad you framed it as I never could have envisioned such a frame…..said to my girlfriend I have to make sure it is in my will as it should live on and she said “I would be honored if you would leave it to me as it is so beautiful and I would always keep it up with my maus.Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. -Evelyn

Treasured Bears – Wendy Reed

Thank you so much, we love them!!!!!!!!! You’re very gifted and have found your niche to help heal broken hearts!”…”It’s absolutely perfect and so well made. Everyone loved it. Thanks so much for what you do

Rhino Quilting – Rosie Rhine

“It was wonderful to work with Rosie. She provided ideas and suggestions, then patiently took the time to help me fine-tune my wishes for the final version of the design. She is an artist, but also a deeply sensitive and spiritual individual. I felt an immediate bond with her, and she seemed to know intuitively what I had in mind.”

Melody Krafft

“What Melody is offering to people is a likeness that they can identify with to know the presence of grace in their life.”

Heartlight Studios – Mitch Carmody

“As an artist Mitch has completed portraits for bereaved parents all over the world. I am fortunate to be among one of those parents whom he has created a custom portrait for. His portrait of my daughter, Ashley, who died in 2001… is absolutely stunning and one of my greatest treasures. Sincerely Alan Pedersen, singer songwriter.”

Art For Your Sake – Nancy Gershman

“Oh, my. At the moment I am crying too hard to process my feelings. It¹s amazing, based on what it brought up just now. Let me look more, calm down, and touch what I am feeling. This is surreal, imaginative, expressive, creative, poignant, provocative, tragic and celebratory. That’s what I feel. I like the young/older image, and the women on both sides of the fence: “The Garden of Anna’s Heart”????? I think seeing the rose petals, the final gift we gave her, is healing…and the small butterfly, sitting on the stool as I once did as a child. Very wonderful. Thank you. Your dreamscape of my mother has given me a place to go to her and experience unexpected emotions that have helped heal my grief and feel her love.” – daughter of Anna Piazza Schenk

Memories in Glass – Dave Jordan

“I want to thank you so much for all the time you have spent with me and to make such Beautiful marbles with my husbands ashes. It took me a very long time to work out what I wanted to do with a little bit of the ashes to keep with me for ever, Having them in a box started to eat at me, I hated thinking that was him in there. So I started looking for things to do with the ashes that would last forever. Walter knew I loved glass marbles so I looked and looked. Then I was online and found www.memorialsinglass.com I called the number and Dave answered I felt something different this time, He had time to tell me how the process is and how he would look after my husband’s ashes with respect and then asked what did I want done and made me a part of his work.”

Alex in Welderand

“OMG. It is simply perfect. You captured his spirit in metal. We love the custom additions so much. We can never express what you have done for us. We feel blessed we found you.”

Silvia Engel – Love Ashes

“After losing our father, my sisters and I each desired to keep a portion of his ashes. And while traditional urns are very nice, we wanted something full of character and color- just like him. So we chose Love Ashes’ beautiful pendants. Silvia was very easy to work with, listened to our concerns and designed a stunning (and wearable!) daily reminder of the joy and love we shared with our father. Thank you, Silvia!” The Dale Davis Family

Big Dog Imaginings- Ina Mulford

“As the proud parent of three Chihuahuas, I am pleased to add this beautiful masterpiece to our collection of fine art. My wife and I have been serious collectors of fine art, including oils and watercolors, for more than 50 years. Therefore, we were able to readily recognize the “value and beauty” of your artistic talents. We have hung your rendition of our three Chihuahuas in our business office waiting area. It has created many positive and admiring comments from business clients, friends and new acquaintances.” – Robert, Middleton, NY

Sunny Brook Studio – Robin Anderson

“A friend at work gave me a beautiful gift in memory of Ilsa. SO beautiful and sweet. The tears were [because] I was just so deeply touched by the gift. I love the gift and I will cherish it always”

Shine On Brightly

“Shine on Brightly took the painful task of facing a permanent loss and substituted it for an enriching experience of actively replacing sadness with happiness through art.” ML

Cherished Memories – Joan Edwards

“I’m surprised I’m not crying my eyes out like I do when I look at the clothing. Something about the bears makes me smile.” Laurie

Sacred Journey Vessels – Sharon Hewitt Hornstein

“Dear Sharon, Thank you so very much for getting Aliya’s urn to me so quickly. It is more beautiful than I could imagine. I know it is exactly what Aliya would have wanted. You were very kind to me knowing I just couldn’t wait for it to bring her home.” Love, Marisa

Celebrative Art

Thank you so so much! (This is Julie) I am so excited to have it and I absolutely love the privacy of the pendant! I miss my Lizzie girl (our Boxer pup) everyday and am so grateful to have her with me whenever!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Memories In Crystal

When we received our crystal keepsake I couldn’t believe the quality of the product. From the gift box to the light base to the crystal keepsake, everything was first class but what was so amazing was the image in the crystal…you won’t believe your eyes….simply amazing!” Brian DeCamp/ Hite Funeral Home