Dunwell, Teresa

The Memorial Icon is a commissioned painting which lovingly incorporates the ashes of your loved one or companion animal.  The cremains are added to a very sacred and unique Renaissance, multi-layered oil process.  Using the addition of gold leaf and essential oils this unique resting place creates a vibrant, luminous image of your loved one or their favorite location.

Living Work Studio
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I have come to this sacred process of combining a loved ones’ cremation ash with this time honored  process through the death of my 4 yr. old son many years ago.  I would be deeply honored to talk with you and to discuss this process in painting your dear one in great reverence, love and gratitude.  My hope is that this painting of their luminous and divine presence continues to bless you and your loved ones for generations to come. Note: a small amount of ashes is all that is necessary (1tablespoon),  although a loved ones ashes are not essential to having a painting created.  Prices are subject to size and complexity.