Osborne, Carolyn

I began Sacred Embers when I lost my brother to cancer and wanted to honor him in a special way. Keeping my brother close “in living color” is now helping others to feel the healing and peace made possible from holding and wearing a Sacred Embers object.  I always take the time to get to know who you have lost, using your loved one’s unique energy to create a pendant or amulet; ring or bracelet; money clip, cuff links or key chain; small art dishes, wall art or window ornaments. Your loss is personal to me.

Sacred Embers
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“Honoring  your loved one in living color”

Cremated remains pendant by Sacred Embers
Glass-cremated remains pendant by Sacred Embers

My dad Robert Olsson died in early December and you made two sacred ember pendants for me:  one to give to my sister Anna and one to give to the “love” of my dad’s life, Barbara. You were able to get the pendants made before we had my dad’s Celebration of Life Party on January 7th, so I was able to give the pendants to both women. Not only did they wear them at the celebration, they have worn them every day since and are proudly showing them to all the people they come in contact with. I just wanted to let you know that ordering those pendants was one of the best decisions I have ever made and your pendants are not only BEAUTIFUL, they are bringing lots of love and comfort to both my sister and to Barbara. I just wanted to say THANK YOU again. With much gratitude and appreciation,-  Rene