What is the process for commissioning an artist?

Call or email the artist to arrange a time to view their work and meet them in person if that is possible. Many artists work with out-of-state clients, too. Share your ideas and details of your expectations of the finished piece. The artist will provide a quote outlining payment schedule and timeframe for completion.

How much does custom artwork cost?

This will vary depending on the complexity of the art you are requesting. You will agree on a price with the artist before they begin work.

What may I expect from a commissioned artist?

Bereavement Artists™ are caring, kind and will really listen to your ideas. You can expect expert communication and timeliness.

How long does it take?

This depends upon the complexity of the piece, and the artist’s method, process, and schedule. Timely communication and replies are important for keeping an art project on schedule. An artist may lose initial inspiration and ideas if a customer postpones feedback, and other essential communication.

What if I cry in front of the artist?

That’s normal, healthy and expected. Don’t worry if you bring the artist to tears either. If the artist does not cry, it does not mean they do not care. The artist may be keeping emotions at bay to fully concentrate on your ideas.

How can I support the mission of BereavementArtists.com™?

You can contribute and support the organization in unlimited ways, such as:

  • letting others know via email or social media to artists and the bereavement community
  • attracting media attention
  • contributing donations or sponsorship
  • providing input and feedback
  • letting us know about your commission experience and resulting art

If you have any other questions for BereavementArtists.com, please feel free to contact us.