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This book is a great therapeutic workbook and a wonderful gift for someone who has experienced a loss.  Read More »

The Memorial Icon is a commissioned painting which lovingly incorporates the ashes of your loved one or companion animal. The cremains are added to a very sacred and unique Renaissance, multi-layered oil process. Using the addition of gold leaf and essential oils this unique resting place creates a vibrant, luminous image of your loved one or their favorite location.  Read More »

Our glass cremation jewelry, sculptures and paperweights glisten with gold, silver, brass, copper and other metals – without a bubble in sight. ¬†Each piece is inscribed with the name of your loved one in 22K gold. In short, a vivid,  Read More »

Instead of tucking away that treasured piece of clothing in a closet or drawer, you can have it closer at hand in a handcrafted bear.  Read More »

Silvia Engel and her company, Love Ashes, has been voted as one of the funeral industry’s most innovative cremation jewelry companies in the US.  Read More »

Bring me the memories and photos most precious to you, and watch your loved one (or pet) come to life in my Dreamscape as never before.  Read More »

Employing metal smith techniques, husband and wife artisans, Patti and Roman Hernandez specialize in cremation glass and precious metal jewelry in a rainbow of colors: sixteen in all. Lasting for generations, your keepsake jewelry is the result of their 20  Read More »

Transform your favorite photo into a 3D crystal keepsake.  Read More »

I started lamp working in 1990 in the pristine beauty of the San Juan Mountains in Southwest Colorado. Influenced by the early Venetian glass artist masters, I bring my love for nature and fantasy to create unique contemporary glass creations.  Read More »

When a pet dies it can seem like the light has gone out of your life. Working from your photos, I bring the memory of your pet alive again. Tell me about your pet and all the adventures you had  Read More »

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