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Treasured clothing and personal belongings seemingly come to life in my mixed-media collage portraits. Whether you are local or long distance, I will work closely with you to identify and convey the story and spirit of your loved one through my art – using a single item, or combining numerous items and photographs that span a lifetime.  Read More »

Each pet is so very special. I create a custom pet urns for your little (or big) angel. Each and every urn is created with love.  Read More »

My name is Nora Alquraisha and I create quilts of comfort for you and your family. Fabrics are my paint, chosen with care to create a one of a kind treasure.  Read More »

A lifetime of memories can be made into a treasured comforting quilt or throw using your deceased loved one’s clothing – a living memory that gives years of comfort to friends and family.  Read More »

A custom-designed stained glass portrait of your pet is a wonderful way to memorialize your companion and ease the heartbreak of your loss.  Read More »

Liz’s creativity in each “Spirit Vessel” is an original, designed to serve as a wonderful piece of artwork and a reminder of the life and soul of your loved one.  Read More »

A Sterling Silver Broken Heart, Mended by Hand with a strand of 14k Yellow Gold, a “gift of healing” for the broken heart.  Read More »

To embrace an enemy is to overcome it; within the playful and spontaneous brush strokes of Angela Canada Hopkins lays a colorful conquest of cancerous matter. After losing her father to cancer in her last year of art school-June of 2001-the bittersweet and therapeutic irony began to spill out onto the canvas.  Read More »

As a bereaved father, sibling and son, my life is dedicated to serving the bereaved as a writer, author, artist and national speaker. My book “Letters To my Son” has been sold nationwide; my memorial portraits have been sent all over the world.  Read More »

Celebrative Art represents a unique group of fine artists. We offer beautiful and unique ways to remember your loved one, all made by hand in the United States. Celebrative Art offers ornate urns made from wood, glass and ceramic that range from classic to avant-garde. If you’re looking for something outside of urns for cremations, Celebrative Art also offers hand design borosilicate glass memorial pendants, sterling silver necklaces, and ceramic prayer wheels. Because each piece is made-to-order by hand there are no two pieces alike.  Read More »

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